Full-service middle eastern grocery store – right in your neighborhood.

Are you looking for a hard to find item to make a recipe? We have it all. Anything from Halal meats, to special spices, to groceries from around the world, like Lebanon, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Iran, India, and Pakistan .

Many of our Lebanese items and sweets like Baklava, Maamoul and cookies make a wonderful holiday or birthday gift.

For your convenience we have a huge selection of Middle Eastern grocery items to choose from including fresh Pita bread, pies, cheeses, Halal meats, olives and grape leaves.

We carry the name brand products you trust like Cedar, Cortas, Meshelany and Sadaf. We also carry Ulker brand products from Turkey and Kinder and Cadbury candy from Europe.

Basmati and Egyptian rice
Grains and Flour
Spices and herbs
Pickles and preserves
Rose Water
Orange Blossom
Indian Tea
Turkish coffee
English cookies
Baklava and sweets
Cook books
Phone cards
Water Pipes

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3150 South Babcock St.
Melbourne, FL 32901
321-725-5941 (Phone)
321-409-5676 (Fax)


Mon – Fri: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Sat & Sun Closed.

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