How it Works

How The Florida Marijuana Program Works

  • The state of Florida provides individuals diagnosed with the certain medical conditions the eligibility to receive Medical Cannabis.
  • The first step towards receiving Medical Cannabis is an in-person consultation with a licensed physician. To help procure a certification for a patient, the physician is required to have a valid medical license in addition to the necessary coursework as required by the Florida Medical Association (FMA).
  • Upon completion of a successful evaluation, the patient is deemed as being eligible by the doctor to buy medical marijuana. Upon receiving a clean bill of health from the doctor, the patient is required to fill out a Department of Health application for a Medical Marijuana Identification Card. Upon receiving an approval from the Department of Health, the applicant can walk into any State approved dispensaries to legally purchase Medical Marijuana. Patients with an approved application can also get Medical Marijuana delivered by calling a Treatment Facility certified to dispense Medical Marijuana.
  • An important legal requirement in the State of Florida is that patients should seek re-certification every 210 days. The law does allow for the physician to certify patients for a period of up to 70 days to get their supply of Medical Marijuana at a time. The Department of Health has yet to determine as to what constitutes as a maximum daily dose for a patient.

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